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latest local news, sports, and weather and that sound bite from president obama. until good morning. wild west recovering today from drenching rains and floods. plus heavy snowfall and more is on the way. and we will meet the man behind this dramatic rescue in california. hope for haiti. more than 100 stars make their appeals for help as dozens of haitian orphans begin their new lives here in america. bearing itll. remember lily? thousands have been watching and waiting for a hibernating bear to welcome her cubs. they have arrived. today is saturday, january 23rd, 2010.
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good morning, everybody. i'm lester holt. >> i'm amy robach. we are glad to have you back. fantastic reporting. one of the hardest things to do. >> hardest thing i have ever done. awful, awful, awful. yet, at the same time, i came back with really inspiring stories. we will chat about it. a lot to tell you about including where things stand with the storms out west. they left behind december instruction, dangerous mud slides. izona, more than four feet of snow has fallen. it is not over yet. our team is spread throughout the west and we will meet the firefighter who risked his life and became a dog's best friend. it was all over cable yesterday. this dog and his rescuer. >> can't wait to see that. against the odds, rescue workers still finding people in the rubble ten days after the earthquake. today it appears the search for
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survivors is coming to an end. would will have the latest from port-au-prince. we will talk about what's being done to locate the thousands of americans who remain unaccounted for. after a trying week, the president has gone on the offensive after taking on wall street, he took off his tie and went to main street in full campaign mode trying to win back independents and disillusions democrats after the big senate upset in massachusetts. and continuing high unemployment. we are going to look at the president's challenges and strategy coming up. conan o'brien says farewell in his final appearance on "the tonight show" after weeks of public bickering and late-night jabs. we will show you how conan signed off and thanked his fans. first, we are going to check in with our weather team with the latest on the storms lashing the west all week. we will begin with miguel almaguer who joins us from la canada flintridge, california. >> reporter: the big concern in this community was mud slides. it appears mother nature and sandbags seem to work together.
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now time for the cleanup. the damage was done in just five days. cleanup may take weeks. thinking mud, tangled debris littered the streets. in southern california, neighbors aren't just cleaning up. they are going home. the threat of mud slides forced thousands to evacuate is over. now they areiven the all-clear to return back. as the storms move into arizona, it flooded parts of sedona. 100 miles away, this house left dangling as water rages below. >> we don't expect to drown. >> reporter: in scottsdale, arizona the storm also damaged antique cars when poles were tossed by strong winds. the eastern part of th state, whiteout conditions forced the closure of several interstates and roads. there's good news for parts of the west. all of the rain and snow put a dent in the drought and parched
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the region in recent years. >> we got a good soaking in the west and a good start on the snow pack. in the long range, the big story here is not mud slides. it's the drought. >> reporter: not far from hollywood, more weather related drownings. friday firefighters tried to rescue this dog stranded in the los angeles river. >> it looks like they are trying to get to the dog on both sides now. >> reporter: it played out live on local tv and on cable networks nationwide. >> there are a lot of rescue workers out there. >> reporter: the dog was terrified. rescue wouldn't be easy. >> he is trying to bite him. man. how tough is this. >> reporter: the dog was eventually lowered to safety but the firefighter had to be treated for severe injuries. >> didn't have time to establish any rapport with the dog. he was cold and scared. he did what dogs do. >> reporter: the storms in california and arizona also drenched nevada.
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las vegas saw more rainfall last week than they did for all of 2009. cities and counties all across nevada reporting record rainfall this week. lester? >> miguel almaguer, thank you very much. here's amy. thank you. let's go to flagstaff, arizona, where the weather channel's paul goodloe is following one of the biggest storms to hit that state in nearly two decades. paul, good morning. it is certainly coming down. >> reporter: good morning, amy. it certainly is. on cue. before we go on camera the snow is dumping down. this is the pattern we will see throughout much of the day. on again and off again snow showers and some of them heavy. this is adding up to record amounts of snow across the area. given average january we see about 22 inches of snow in flagstaff. we picked up 54 and counting so far this week. overnight we picked up one to three, four inches of snow. it could be an issue for the road crews around town. standing in front of route 66.
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still open. the area street crews doing wonders keeping local roads open. right now, it is a 17 north to flagstaff is closed. 17 south has finally been reopened allowing travellers to get from the northern part of the state to the south. they can still see more scattered rain showers. they also are dealing with flood concerns. the snow continues to pile up here in northern arizona. lester, back to you. >> paul goodloe, thanks very much. the west will catch a break. when? let's turn to bill karins. >> good morning. six days of rain, wind, snow, moving through the west. we had a total of four storms in those six days. finally a break. the big storms now pushing up into the northern plains. they are dealing with snow and ice this morning. but the west finally gets a break for your saturday. on sunday, unfortunately, we are going to start to see the next storm pushing in. this storm is a big one. out here in the pacific. it will move into areas of
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northern california lay sunday and looks like southern california, next storm, has its eyes on you as we go into monday and it will last probably into tuesday. the next big storm. it doesn't look like as severe it is a one we just dealt with. with the ground being so wet and threat of mud slide it is threat will be there once again for southern california especially all along the burn areas. >> bill, thank you. it is now 11 days since the earthquake in haiti and while there have been extraordinary new glimmers of hope it appear it is mission on the ground there is changing today. nbc's ron allen is in port-au-prince this morning. ron, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. 132 survivors have been pulled from the rubble and none for about 24 hours. those are some of the reasons the haitian government decided to officially suspend the rescue operations here. but some people have not given up hope. the determination produced some incredible results. late today an israeli rescue team found a 22-year-old man
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alive. >> it is a very long time. i don't know how we survived. >> reporter: tonight this 84-year-old woman lies in the hospital bed critically ill but alive. rescued by relatives this morning. today haiti's resilience was evident. the u.s. military reopened the port. lifeline to the outside world to ships. the main airport has a new tower to help the ease intense congestion. hundreds of flights each day. >> we are making progress every day. but this is a tremendous logistical challenge. >> reporter: some of the best protected where aid is arriving live in a ten of tens of thousands. one of about 500 camps in the earthquake zone, home to some 500,000 evacuees. the 82nd airborne division tries to keep order. >> we know this --
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>> reporter: handing out radios to let people know what's available when. a place where you can charge a cell phone. and kids feel safe enough to play soccer. the central market is bustling with fresh fruit, produce and more. most of it locally grown. but priced beyond most haitians' reach. this woman said it was her first trip to shops since the quake as she and others filled the truck that brought them here. for many, life is too grim to stay. it is estimated some 200,000 people joined a mass exodus. jamming buses bound for the countryside, waiting at the port for ferries. this woman lost four children and her home. she is desperate to go. nearby, a taxi driver tries to lift the mood with songs full of hope and faith. he's determined to stay. looking ahead security remains a big concern here. in t coming days, the government expects some
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supermarkets to open, some banks to open, and there are reports gasoline shortage here is easing. so a few steps forward even though this country still faces enormous problems. amy? >> ron allen in port-au-prince. thank you. and now here's lester. >> thanks. this was one of the more challenging weeks of barack obama's year-old presidency. nbc's mike viqueira is at the white house with more on this story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the populist anger that led to the stunning republican victory in massachusetts on tuesday has now left democrats and the president struggling to find a new message. the president coming out swinging at the end of a very rough week. >> i will not stop fighting for you. i will take my lumps. but i won't stop fighting to bring back jobs here. >> reporter: getting back to police cal basics the campaign mode yesterday in ohio. a popular burger place.
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touring a football helmet manufacturer. in between, he was greeted with cheers at a town hall. >> i didn't run to kick these challenges down the road. i ran for president to confront them once and for all. >> reporter: after a stinging defeat tuesday in massachusetts and talk of big republican gains in congressional elections later this year the president is striking a populist tone. seeking to win back the support of independent voters and disillusioned democrats. >> sign ad credit card bill of rights into law to protect you, retroactive rate hikes, unfair rules. >> reporter: but signs of voter anger are everywhere. mr. obama arrived in ohio, officials announced that the state's unemployment rate rose yet again to 10.9%. opposition to the bank and auto bailouts continues. and the push for health care reform has stalled. another potential popular unrest, ben bernanke.
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his term expires at the end of the month. now it is democrats like california's barbara boxer who say they will vote no on a second term for bernanke. blaming him for not doing enough to reign wall? >> i don't think the united states congress should proceed with this nomination. >> reporter: yesterday with the president taking aim at wall street and bernanke's nomination in doubt, the dow fell more than 200 minutes on. lester, as for that health care reform effort it hardly even came up in the question to that town hall in ohio yesterday but the president says he is still going to fight to get it passed. prospects are looking dimmer by the day. >> the president prepares for his first state of the union address next week for analysis, we are joined by chris matthews, host of "hardball" on msnbc. >> good morning. >> no one will fault the president for concentrating on the economy. the style, town hall, campaign-type rhetoric, what do you read into this? >> he wants to be on the outside
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shooting in. not the inside taking the bullets. >> candidate obama. >> he wants to be the guy in the truck in massachusetts complain being the way things are and wanted to regain the spirit. i was thinking this morning when i got up, lee years ago, he began his campaign for president in springfield, illinois. the cold january. i think he wants to get back out there again with the people. he talked this week about missing his chance to get up in the morning and go to a diner and just chat with people. and about how it was great to be outside of washington. you heard a president say that before? this could have been reagan or anybody? >> you know, he seemed to laugh off what happened in massachusetts. how much do you think it rocked his foundation? one year into the presidency. things are -- i'm sure not gas as he hoped they would be at this point. >> lester, you know what i know. it is massachusetts. this is liberal massachusetts. these voters have been voting -- call themselves independent but voting for congress people 20, 30 years consistently. no republicans and conservative republicans. when i talked to politicians up there this week, in boston, they said people have been voting
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democrat all their lives voted for this guy, the republican guy. scott brown. so it is rocking him. regular working people who drive trucks to work in the morning, feel like the republican candidate is more in tune with them than the democratic president. he wants to get backo the people. >> interested to hear your take on the status of ben bernanke, fed chairman. the senate has a chance to reconfirm him. there's cold feet on that issue now. hohard is the white house going to fight to keep him? >> i think under the radar they are going to keep him. they are goingo make sure he stays. they like what he has done and principled a lot of money and kept credit out there for people. they want to make sure he keeps doing that. they like him. they are not going theer for him, though. we will put up with him a little more. >> you talked about the style of president obama yesterday. here he is taking a very populist note. especially on wall street. tough new regulations. wall street didn't like it. the dow dropped several hundred points this week. is there a risk in a populist tone of talking down some parts of the economy? >> will is a risk if people
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don't work hard and try to make as much money as they can. the economy won't do as well. i think he will take that risk i think this president is fighting for his power of the people and if he looks like he is with wall street, kid but geithner, even though he is not a rich guy, seems like one of those people, treasury secretary. this president looks like he's too much in bed with wall street and has to get out of bed with wall street and look like he is challenging wall street to do a better job for the people. i think it is part of the pop list many you were talking about, mike viqueira was talking about. get out there in the truck with the people and get away from wall street. start being head of the people and not head of the government. that's a big distinction. he has been head of the government a year and that's not a good job. he wants to be head of the people and that's a great job. >> talk about health care, throwing in the towel, reassess. >> i don't think they have a plan. i have been studying this for four, five day. >> that means -- >> they don't have a plan. they didn't expect -- they must have worried without it happen but i don't think they were ready for it. they needed 60 votes to do their plan.
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i don't think they have a plan "b." all this talk about some some new procedure like reconciliation, they don't think that's going to work. they don't have a plan right now. >> what's the republican plan now, sit back and enjoy the moment? >> that's the best question of the world. if the president tries to move to the center, who is going to meet him in the center with roses and say let's get together? republicans have their chance now to take back the house of representatives, maybe take back the senate. maybe position somebody for president next time. they are not in a forgiving mode. they are on assault mode. that's what he is confronting. that's why he gave the speech this week in ohio. he has to get back with the people and fight the republicans. i don't think we are going to see a lot of getting together the next couple of weeks. >> chris matthews, always good to have you on here. >> crate work in haiti. >> thanks. appreciate it. between want to head to the news desk for the morning's other headlines. peter alexander. >> good morning. chris, nice to see you. good morning at home. we begin in britain where officials raised the terror alert level from substantial to severe. that's britain's second highest alert level.
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that means an attack is highly likely. britain announced the change days ahead of international series of meetings on yemen and afghanistan. those meetings, by the way, scheduled to take place in london next week. the u.s. marines are pulling out of iraq after nearly seven years on the ground there. marines will hand over control of iraq's dez toert the army. the area was once an insurgent stronghold. president obama ordered all but 50,000 troops to be out of iraq by the end of august. roman polanski must return to the u.s. in order to face sentencing for a decade's old sex crime. that's the ruling by a los angeles judge who rejected the oscar-winning director's request to be sentenced without returning to the u.s. polanski is under house arrest in switzerland, having pled guilty in 1978 to having sex with a 13-year-old girl. the italian prosecutor in amanda knox's murder trial has been convicted of abusing his power in office. the chief prosecutor was
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convicted friday of abuse and a legal stone tapping in earlier murder case. knox's defense team hopes this may help in its appeal process to overturn the 22-year-old college student's murder conviction of her british roommate. more tn 100 of the biggest names in the music filled global telethon to raise awareness and money for haiti last night. >> the haitian people need our help. they need to know that they are not alone. they need to know that we still care. >> george clooney, as you just saw, wyclef jean led this event. live performances were held in new york, london, and los angeles. the stars included alicia keys, madonna, bono was performing there. many of the celebrities worked the phone banks. it was an all-star cast. the money raised will be split among the red cross and five other rief organizations. finally this morning, talk about where the wild things are. check this out. this is the shot that won the
7:19 am
2009 wildlife photographer of the year award. there was apparently a problem, though. competition judges are now questioning the photo's authenticity. they say it is not a picture of a wild wolf but a snapshot of a professionally trained wolf jumping over the fence. i know you train wolves in your free time. the spanish photographer has been stripped of the prize but still says that this wolf is no model. it could have been a lot worse. it could have been in sheep's clothing. that's it for now. amy and bill. >> still a cool shot. >> thanks so much. >> nbc meteorologist bilkarins is back with the nation forecast. >> some areas nice as usual. other areas not so good. it will be a 50/50 weekend in many places. today the worst of the weather is in the middle of the country. ice to the north from minneapolis northward. duluth. watch out for little rock with severe weather. all of that nasty
7:20 am
good saturday morning. i'm chuck bell. a few clouds. eventually, we will end up with a mostly sunny day. off to a chilly start. 32, washington. 32, fairfax county. 31 degrees in gaithersburg and bethesda. 32, winchester. forecast for today, mostly sunny. seenable. highs in the low to mid-40s. sun go down at 5:19. be ready for the rain tomorrow and monday as well. >> that's your saturday forecast. after all the suffering, frustration, and heartbreak we have seen i in haiti, a story o renewal and hope this morning. group of haitian orphans whose adoptions were in the works before the quake have made it to this country and to their new american parents. the story from nbc's mark potter. >> reporter: an emotional day in miami, more than 60 american families gathered to embrace their new adopted children from
7:21 am
haiti and start getting acquainted. ten days after the earthquake, more than seven hours of processing by u.s. immigration, 81 haitian orphans landed in the miami airport to begin a new life with new families in the united states. some of the children appeared exhausted. others seemed dazed by all they had been through since the disaster. >> we are just really -- i'm just thankful to get the kids out. >> reporter: all the children come from the god's littlest angel orphanage near port-au-prince. with the usual paperwork waived on humanitarian grounds by the u.s. government in this extreme circumstance, haitian children that were already being processed for adoption -- >> hi. >> reporter: -- can join their new families immediately. brandon is at a loss for words.
7:22 am
now that he and stephenson are finally together. >> i'm so overwhelmed, i don't know right now. i mean, it is -- it is great but i'm -- i don't know. >> reporter: sandy and don from grand junction, colorado, adopted twins but are still concerned about other children left behind. >> needs help. we are going to keep those still in haiti in our prayers. >> reporter: an irony is the deadly earthquake speeded up the often years' long adoption process there's always something good that happens even in things that happen bad. these are miracles for us. and for them. >> reporter: as new parents begin the job of parenting -- >> dad over. dad overnight. >> reporter: the children that lost their families in the earthquake fill up again.
7:23 am
for "today," mark potter, nbc news, miami. >> you hate the fact it took an earthquake to speed things up. good luck to all of them. >> this is "today" on nbc.
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still to come, "today's 911." >> skating to vancouver. today is the day we will find out who will get to go for the gold. but first, these messages.
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a chilly start to your saturday. expected to be sunny today. this is the pick day of your weekend. it is 7:26 right now. good morning, everyone. i'm kim berberly suiters. it's saturday, january 23rd, 2010. the search and rescue mission in haiti is officially over. international search teams have rescued 132 people since last night's quake. overnight, haiti's government decided to focus on rekcovery. it may take up to four months before electricity is restored in port-au-prince. an emergency landing rather new today. a woman attacked in the district. the victim is now in the hospital after being stabbed in
7:27 am
the chest. it happened around 1:30 in the 1300 block of bryant street in northeast washington. the woman was stabbed twice, police say but was conscious and breathing when they arrived. officers are still looking for the person who attacked her. an emergency landing at dulles international airport. investigators do think a bird strike is to blame here. united flight 3915 was headed for san francisco yesterday afternoon when the pilot reported feeling vibrations coming from one of the engines. he radioed the tower that he was having an emergency and asked to return to the airport. the plane landed safely. no one was hurt. engineers say, however, the right engine was severely damaged. chuck will join us in a moment with a look at the weekend forecast. stay with us.
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a good saturday morning. i'm news 4 meteorologist, chuck bell. the first rays of sunshine have reached the o.j. john f. kenned center for performing arts. more sunshine later today. everybody gets a beautiful saturday. off to a chilly start. it is january, after all. 32, washington. 32, falls church. 31 degrees, germantown. 32, st. mary's county. beautiful bright and sunny forecast for today. enjoy it. clouds come back tonight. 100% chance of rain with a gusty
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southeasterly wind tomorrow that lingers into monday. news 4 at 9:00 a.m., a full hour of news, weather and we are back on this saturday morning, january 23rd, 2010, with a look at a great crowd on the plaza on this brisk new york morning. we are going to be heading out to join them later. inside studio 1-a, i'm amy robach along with lester holt. still to come, hundreds of californians prepare to return to their evacuated homes, arizona residents are now digging out or drying out from a stampede of storms. >> this is the biggest weather system in arizona in nearly two decades causing flooding, collapsed roofs, closing of major highways. coming up we will tell when you the storms will end and where they may be headed. then olympic dreams are on the ice today as the women's figure skating championships are held in spokane, washington.
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the results of who among the americans gets to go to vancouver. 20 days from now. coming up, more olympian and u.s. champion scott hamilton will give us his take what to expect. >> later all over the news yesterday, a stray dog was stranded in a flooded calornia river. the dog was, obviously, terrified and the rescue wasn't easy. coming up, we are going to meet the man who brought the dog to safety and find out how he and the dog are doing this morning. >> the dog didn't quite know how to take him coming up to him. there's a little bit -- >> bit him. >> yeah, he bit him a couple of times but they are both safe and that's the good part. >> can't wait to get the inside part of that story. we want to begin with haiti. when the earthquake struck last week there were an estimated 45,000 americans in haiti living and working there or perhaps visiting. so far three dozen americans have been confirmed among the dead and another 21 are missing and presumed dead. many thoands are still not officially accounted for. nbc's mike taibbi is in
7:32 am
port-au-prince. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lester. the exact numbers in this story are impossible to know. americans don't make a habit of checking in with the embassy when they come here. in collapsed buildings where americans were staying the flow of information has been as slow as the physical searching itself. a brief memorial. >> dust to dust. >> reporter: tearful good-bye from members of an american church group that raced to haiti when two of their members were killed. the bodies identified. >> our mission is to respond to disasters and humanitarian aid. we are carrying on. >> reporter: this is the hotel montana collapsed on itself with an untold number of victims killed there. a white board out front. the list of those presumed lost and still missing include 16 americans, families aching for information. among those on the list, brandon beck, civil engineer who e-mailed his family nine minutes before the earthquake hit.
7:33 am
>> torturous not knowing. of course, i want him back. i want him to come home. >> reporter: and brittney gangel, one of the four students along with two faculty from lynn university whose families are frustrated to the point of anger. >> this is a nightmare! this is a living nightmare. we need government intervention. the united states of america needs to get to the hotel montana and get our children. now! >> reporter: lou the lieutenant knows how hard the search teams are working. the general is also waiting for the recovery of one of his own soldi soldier's bodies. >> what i can tell them is we have the best professionals in the world doing everything they can to do search and recovery. >> reporter: for american families or any others hoping bodies of their loved ones can
7:34 am
be found this is what the search consists of. digging tunnels like this, debris that can fall any time going in with shovels and saws and bringing out the loose debris one bucket at a time. high-profile locations like the montana, there's heavy equipment coming in now to make the work go faster. for the families of anyone on lists like these the work can never be done fast enough. tim callahan who heads the disaster relief told me he's talked to a number of the families that contacted the agency emphasizing everyone on the ground here is doing whatever they can as quickly as they can. he's make nothing promises beyond that. lester, as you know, this is not a circumstance here that encourages making promises. >> all right. mike taibbi, thank you. for for on what relatives can do to find loved ones missing in haiti, we talk to ambassador merten. we reportethe haitian government ended the official
7:35 am
search and rescue phase of this operation. has that changed anything with spect to the u.s. trying to find its citizens? >> well, you know, obviously with every passing minute and every passing hour the likelihood of continuing to find people alive reduces significantly. typically when a government like the haitian government in this case makes a declaration like that, that signifies the end of search and rescue efforts. we have asked our -- couple of our teams that are here to stay around a little bit longer, to be continue to work on several key sites in the hopes of continuing to find people. but, you know, it is a sad reality that with every passing hour, we are looking -- finding people alive. >> i know the u.s. government september in considerable amount of resources to the region to help find people in general and offer relief to allhe victims of this earthquake. but have any specific resources
7:36 am
been aimed at specifically finding americans? in this case americans that may be trapped. >> absolutely. we have had six u.s. search and rescue teams here. we have had them deployed to sites where we knew we had american sit steps. citizens. most notably the hotel montana where there were a number of americans, including u.s. government employees on temporary duty down here. they have been here, deployed at the montana since they have been here. and other sites as well. >> how does it make you feel when you heard some of these complaints, some people very vocal about the united states hasn't been doing enough on that regard? >> well, i understand people's distress. it must be an awful, awful situation to be in. having said that, i'm very proud of the work that our search and rescue teams, our usa colleagues and our soldiers are doing here. these are very difficult situations to work in. the search and rescue efforts, i
7:37 am
observed them myself. it is dangerous, dangerous work. this is often unstable buildings that are -- that are collapsed. and my hat is off to the fabulous work they do. i understand people's distress but these people are really doing amazing work. >> before i let you go, with regard to all of those americans, 40,000, 45,000, who are not in contact or don't have a handle on where they are, what can people on this contend and even on that end to match names and find out where people are and how they are doing? >> well, the state department has a task force, we are trying to do just that. do the task force here. obviously here at the embassy as well, we have american services. the affairs office has been augmented. we have thus far evacuated 10,000, just shy of 10,000 american citizens, from haiti.
7:38 am
we are providing care to others. the work continues. we are doing our best to reach out to people. but it is -- you know, the work is difficult. these are not ideal times by any stretch of the imagination. >> i fully understand. ambassador merten, thank you so much for spending time with us. good luck with the continued efforts down there. >> thank you so much. >> all right. let's get a check now of the weather with nbc's meteorologist bill karins who is out on the plaza. bill, good morning. >> good morning. great crowd out here. t is rapport. good saturday morning. i'm news 4 meteorologist, chuck bell. temperatures in the upper 20s, low 20s. 32, downtown. 31, prince george's county. 32, st. mary's maryland. 33 degrees in quantico, virginia. 28 degrees in charles town, west virginia. saturday forecast, mostly sunny.
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seasonable today. plenty o >> what are you so happy about? >> i'm cold. >> you can get your local forecast at and send it back inside to amy and lester. >> i'm always cold. i can agree with that. personal finance expert gives us his take on reforming the banks and answers your money questions. >> a dramatic rescue caught on tape. we will meet the firefighter that saved a dog from rising river. but first, these messages. maintain a well-balanced diet, get plenty of rest... and support your immune system... for a full 24 hours with patented ester-c. taken daily, ester-c gets into your system quickly... and stays all day to provide...
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7:42 am and author of "start over finish rich." david, good morning. >> good morning. >> before we get to the viewer questions, let's talk about the financial situation barack obama is now taking the white house to main street approach. sounding very populist and saying it is us versus them in a way. does this help the economy or hurt the economy? what do you think the impact is? >> i think it hurts the economy because it is not us versus them. we are them. when you attack wall street, you attack main street. here is why. on main street, we up up our 401(k) plans, which we did, statements came in from the end of the year, we are all starting to feel better. you know, we saw the market go from 6,000 up to over 10,000. we are feeling wealthier which makes us go spend money. and we also own the ban stocks. if you own a mutual fund, you own all these bank stocks. so as he's just thrown a wet towel, if you will, on the banks -- >> tighter restrictions on big banks, markets fell. >> markets fell significantly. 500 points in less than three
7:43 am
days. again, when you attack wall street, you actually do attack main street. i have to tell you, this is not the time to throw a wet towel on this recovery. i hope that this rhetoric, quite honestly, slows down. >> all right. let's talk about some questions we have from real folks on main street that need real pep had our first is torre in texas. she writes -- . >> okay. first of all, what she has are two very expensive cars. you are not going to like this recommendation. get rid one of the cars. sell one of the cars and live off of one car and start car pooling, get a car share ride. the other thing is the fact you want to borrow against your 401(k) plan, because you are unemployed, you probably can't.
7:44 am
your employer probably won't allow you to borrow from the noushg plan. it is also dangerous because if you borrow from your 401(k) plan and you are no longer employed and they tell you that you have to take now a rollover, you will have to pay back the loan. you if you can't pay back that loan you will have ordinary income tax and 10% penalty on any money you take out. this is why we normally don't recommend borrowing against that 401(k) plan. better choice, sell one car. or refinance the loan. go online, and reshop the loan. 19% for a car loan, brutal. >> that's ridiculous. a viewer named mimi writes -- >> wow. a lot here. first thing i recommend what do
7:45 am
you is this. go to the following website. this is a national foundation for consumer counseling. go to the left-hand side. there is an area there on bankruptcy counseling. you need to speak with a nonprofit consumer counselor who can walk you through the steps of bankruptcy. that's number one. even if you go bankrupt, you are going to still have to get consumer counseling. second thing is this. go look for a short sale our home. i don't know if you applied do a short sale. but i would be looking at a short sale opportunity now for your house. >> very good advice, as always. david batch, thanks so much. >> great to be here. >> coming up later, olympic dreams on ice. 20 days until vancouver. but i didn't know why. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia. and then he recommended lyrica... fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of over-active nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is fda-approved to help relieve the unique pain of fibromyalgia. so now, i'm learning what a day is like with less pain.
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7:48 am
favorite from olympics past made a big splash. scott hamilton joins us with a preview of the day's events. good to sigh. thanks for being here. >> my pleasure. this has been a very excite competition. >> later today i know it is going to be the ladies. sasha cohen, a name we thought left the sport or at least olympic competition. she's back. we saw her thursday. had anyone seen her skate up until now since she announced she was coming back? >> there's so much mystery of her coming back and everyone was wondering how she would be after four years of being away from competition. to me it was like no time passed. here we are to the next event and picked up right where she left off. she is in great shape. skated beautifully last night and brought the house down. >> she hasn't always been consistent. sometime she is has a good short program and then the long program isn't quite as good. what are your hopes for her or expectations, i should say? >> i want every one of the women
7:49 am
to skate as beautifully as they can. with sasha the myth has been can she put two programs together. question one was answered last night. she did the short program. now she has to do a long program. that's a much, much taller order. it is more than twice what you have to do in the short program. so for her to pull this off and make the olympic team, it is a tall order. >> rachel skated her short program and did very well. still came in third. what's she have to do from this point out? >> what she always does. rachel platt is a finely-tuned athlete. she's consistent. she is fifth in the world. she came in here thinking one of the two spots were definitely hers. i think most people felt that way. i don't think she expected ryan to be back where she is and for sasha cohen to come in and lay it down the way she did, top three are tied. whoever wins the long program will win the whole thing. top two spots are still, you knowup in the air. ashley wagner is hanging in
7:50 am
there. a point deficit to make up. but definitely rachel flatt with a good long program can put her in good position. >> you mentioned there are two slots here. do you have any personal predictions or is it a flip of the coin at this point? >> there's so many factors coming into this competition and a lot of the answers, you know, given to us last night with the top four going into this. two will be chosen and two will wonder what they could have done to make the top two spots. it is a cruel world. this is a very, very, very talented field. u.s. women's figure skating is in great shape for the future and we have seen a lot of young talent coming up. it will be very exciting for the ladies final two spots. >> it will be very exciting. scott, we look forward to seeing you in vancouver in 20 days. see you soon. >> i'm already packing. thanks. >> me, too. all right. nbc's sports will have live coverage of the at&t u.s. figure skating championships at 3:00 p.m. eastern time. we are back in a moment.
7:51 am
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7:53 am
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7:56 am
vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. a beautiful winter day dawning in our nation's capital. it is 7:56. good morning, everybody. i'm kimberly suiters. january 23rd 2010. the search and rescue mission in haiti is officially over. international search teams have rescued 132 people in total. overnight, haiti's government decided to focus on recovery. the haitian government is partnering with united nations and groups would ramp up recovery efforts. it may take up to four months before electricity is restored in port-au-prince. a woman stabbed in the district. this morning, police are looking for her attacker. the victim is in the hospital. she was stabbed in the chest. the stabbing happened around
7:57 am
1:30 in the morning in the 1300 block of bryant street in northeast washington. police say the woman was stabbed twice but was conscious and breathing when they arrived. an emergency landing at dulles international airport. investigators think a bird strike is to blame. united flight 915 was headed for san francisco yesterday afternoon when the pilot reported feeling vibrations cong from one of the engines. he radioed the tower that he was having an emergency and asked to return to the airport. the plane did land safely with a severely damaged right engine. chuck has your weekend weather in just a mo
7:58 am
7:59 am
good saturday morning. i'm news 4 meteorologist, chuck bell. bright and sunny outside. 32 degrees. 1600 pennsylvania avenue northwest here in the district, a beautiful view of the sunshining off the top of the white house there. 31 degrees, andrews air force base. 25, frederick, maryland. forecast for today, bright and sunny all day long. high temperatures in the low and mid 40s. sun goes down at 5:19. enjoy the sunshine while you can. rain comes back tomorrow. could be heavy at times, especially late tomorrow night into the first half of the day on monday. kimberly? coming up on "news4 today" at 9:00 a.m. a full hour and a half of news, weather a sports. chuck and i hope to see you then.
8:00 am
good morning. the wild soaking west recovering from a week of drenching west. out west, is there relief in sight? plus, this dog's best friend. the man behind the dramatic rescue. curtain call. conan o'brien ends his short run on "the tonight show" with a wide smile and guitar in his arms. bearing it all. the wait is over for thousands that have been following the online drama of a hibernating bear about to give birth. we will meet the new cab. today is saturday, january 23rd, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning, everyone. welcome to "today." i'm lester holt. >> i'm amy robach.
8:01 am
it might be a little cold here but my gosh, what the folks out west have been dealing with. >> you know, it is tough. they need the water but it is like -- well, not all at one time. >> not that much. >> obviously you don't have a choice in those matters. >> we will be talking about the rescue you just saw there in a short bit. coming up this half hour the storms out west left behind destruction, dangerous flooding, mud slides in california. and in arizona, more than four feet of snow has fallen in some places. we will get updates this morning from both states. take a look at this. we are going to find out what everyone wants to know, when it is all supposed to end. >> we will turn to the earthquake in haiti. last night stars came out to raise money for victims in that country. this morning, the mission on the ground is changing. the government has suspended the rescue operation. two more people have been pulled from rubble. we will have a live report from port-au-prince and update on the status of things coming up. also coming up, a question of great importance to millions of americans. are you getting enough sleep? we are going to have the answer an expert advice on why getting the proper amount of sleep can
8:02 am
actual slave your life. first, our weather team is covering the storms out west. for the latest the rain, snow and what's in store for today, we start with nbc's miguel almaguer in la canada flintridge, california. >> reporter: the governor of california, arnold schwarzenegger, declared a state of emergency in five separate counties. it is going to take weeks to clean up what was done here in just five days. we had a series of several very strong storms that pounded the entire state. specifically southern california, we really saw a tornado that touched down earlier in the week and did the more serious damage. blowing out windows, toppling poles and trees into homes. in fact, there were two fatalities in the state of california this week. that was due to the storm to the height of the storm, thousands in the hills of southern california feared that mud slides may come down and wipe out neighborhoods. firefight hers to evacuate
8:03 am
hundreds, thousands of people from this area. forced them out of their home for several days. today they are back in their homes, lester, as the cleanup effort now begins here on the ground. >> miguel almaguer, thank you very much. now here's amy. from california, we go to flagstaff, arizona, where the weather channel's paul goodloe is following heavy snow in that state. paul, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. we had over three to four feet of snow the last couple of days in arizona. flagstaff people are used to snow but to the south. phoenix, we had quite a bit of heavy rain and caused flooding. get this. we had over 2.3 inches of rain this week in phoenix. on average for the entire month of january. .83 is their monthly average. nearly tripling the am of rain we picked up. hence the flooding concerns we have been dealing with the last several days in southern arizona. here in northern arizona, it is all about snow. we are talking some some areas over 54 inches and, again, throughout day we will see more scattered snow showers. maybe up to a half a foot before
8:04 am
it all ends sometime this afternoon. lester? >> paul goodloe, thanks very much. when will the storms finally end? nbc's meteorologist bill karins has been tracking them for us. bill, good morning. >> good morning. incredible week of weather. most incredible stat i have heard is coming out of monmouth, ski area in california. they had 90 inches of snow. that would be almost 7 1/2 feet, over the top of this monitor. that's what they are trying to ski in this weekend. lot of powder. great for the skiers. trying to get around and move it, very difficult. we are still dealing with some of that bad weather. it is beginning to exit northern areas of arizona, flagstaff. and they also have heavy snow in northern new mexico. that storm leaves. the next one is right behind it. we get a break for your saturday. break for most of sunday. here is the next big storm. this will slam into california as we go into sday night and then as we go throughout the day into monday. so we get a little bit of a break. we are not done yet. amy? >> all right, bill. thank you. in haiti, more remarkable stories of survival emerged.
8:05 am
as that country begins to recover, 11 days after the earthquake. ron allen joins us from port-au-prince this morning. ron, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. we want to check on the condition of the two people who were pulled from the rubble yesterday. 84-year-old woman and a 22-year-old man, separate locations, who had both been in the rubble for ten days with no food and no water. it is remarkable they survived. i guess it is a sign the resilience of a haitian people as they try to pull themselves up from what's happened here with the earthquake. there's some signs of progress. they can bring huge container ships in with supplies. there have been hundreds of flights arriving every day. a lot of congestion. there is a backlog of more than a thousand flights that want to get in here. the central market we went to yesterday, i was surprised how busy it is. there's produce, fruit, all kinds of things like clothing as well that are coming in from around the country that are there.
8:06 am
so there are positive signs. there's still some half million people living in ten camps across the capital. looking for food and looking for water. the sanitation conditions are poor. so there's good news, there's bad news. still a lot of very enormous problems here for us. >> ron allen in port-au-prince. in new york, los angeles, and london last night, some of the biggest names in entertainment took part in a multimedia telethon raise money for the haiti relief effort. ♪ >> reporter: some of the world's biggest stars turned out to be help. >> l us all pledge to do what we can. >> reporter: the hope for haiti telethon featured performances from los angeles, new york, london. there were compelling images from the quake ravaged island. george clooney, one of the telethon organizers, made a heartfelt plea.
8:07 am
>> this is an opportunity to help a neighbor in need, desperate need. >> reporter: former president and special haiti envoy bill clinton also joined the two-hour event that was the most widely distributed telethon ever. aired commercial-free around the world on more than 60 networks, including cable with online and cell phone access. >> hey, steven spielberg, that's cool to talk to you. >> reporter: more than 130 celebrities, including taylor swift, morgan freeman, and julia roberts volunteered to answer the phones. >> part of the appeal in having celebrities, so many celebrity, on a telethon like this, it is fun for donors to -- who want to make a pledge, pick up the phone and hope that mr. brad pitt is on the receiving end. >> reporter: wyclef jean spoke the importance of music in his native homeland. >> music the key to the soul. haitian people love music. >> reporter: the money raised will be divided evenly among
8:08 am
several charities. organizers hope to collect even more for haiti when singles, albums and historic telecast go on sale. ♪ let it be >> it has been heartening to see how many people found ways to help. >> it is nice when people rise to the occasion when something that catastrophic happens and you can feel just the -- almost the warmth around the world pouring into haiti. >> quite a show to put on in short notice. we want head to the news desk. peter alexander has the other morning headlines. >> good morning to both of you. good morning to you at home. we begin in britain where officials raised the terror alert level to severe. the second highest alert level, meaning an attack is highly likely. the government announced the change just days ahead of international meetings on yemen and afghanistan. those meetings are scheduled to take place in london next week. the president is stressing the need for job creation as the economy struggles to recover
8:09 am
ahead of next week's state of the union address. nbc's mike viqueira live this morning from the white house with more. good morning to you, mike. >> reporter: good morning, peter. the populist anger that led to the stunning republican victory in massachusetts last tuesday is taking route in washington and democrs and the president are struggling to recalibrate their message to jump out in front of some of the revolt we have been seeing yesterday. the president traveled to ohio stressing the need for job creation, stressing the things that he has done already in his first year. even as health care appears dimmer by the day. the prospects for that legislation, top democrats now calling for a breather of a month to six weeks. also, another potential casualty is ben bernanke, fed chairman, his term expires at the end of theonth and democrats in the senate are joining some republicans and threatening to scuttle that nomination. it all comes as the president prepares for his state of the union address before a join session of congress on wednesday. >> all right. mike at that time white house this morning. mike i have care a thank you very much.
8:10 am
finally, home, home on the range. check this out. this little antelope is winning hearts at the british zoo. we are not kid when we say little. she is barely ten inches tall. abandoned by her mom during the snowy weather in europe. zookeepers are the ones taking care of her, bottle feeding her five times a day. get this. she lives for about ten years, they say. when she's full grown, she will be 16 inches tall. cute factor for the morning. >> how cue, peter. >> i want one. 16 inches, you can get a bunch of them. >> they don't take up much space. meteorologist bill charns with a look at your weather. >> not bad this weekend. depends where you are and as usual, fast-moving storm across the country. today in the middle of the nation and on sunday, it is on the east coast. the only area of real concern is going to be an area of arkansas. that's where we could see isolated tornadoes late today and slight good saturday morning,
8:11 am
everyone. i'm news 4 meteorologist, chuck bell. plenty of bright sunshine out there for you on your saturday morning to get things started. maybe you are planning on taking the boat out. still going to need a pretty heavy jacket. temperatures are just around the freezing mark in town. 33 degrees down at the pentagon. 31 degrees in sterling, south riding and chantilly. 25 degrees in manassas and warren. 29 degrees in martinsburg and charlestown. sunshine today, typical for >> that's your weekend forecast. lester? >> bill, thanks very much. you may have heard last night conan o'brien made his final appearance as the host of nbc's "tonight show." peter alexander is back with some of the o'brien's last laughs and his last good night. >> hard not to hear about it. the biggest drama in late nice these days. not what nbc initially wanted. conan o'brien spent the last 20 years of his career here on nbc as early days wring for "saturday night live," hosting
8:12 am
"the tonight show." but last night's show may have been one of his most watched ever. highly anticipated good-bye seven months in the making. >> conan o'brien! >> reporter: after arous a rous ovation, conan poked fun one last time of what has become a national obsession. >> ladies and gentlemen, we have exactly one hour to steal every single item in this studio. >>eporter: on his final night as host of "the tonight show," conan took to his old friends. >> in our house you will always be the host of "the tonight show." always. >> i am going to need your i.d. badge. >> oh, my i.d. okay. >> reporter: ended the drama of
8:13 am
rumors began when nbc decided to return jay leno to his old seat in late night. as the drama deepened, conan's rating soared. his fans rallied and competitors took their best shot. >> the loser gets the 10:00 p.m. spot on nbc. >> reporter: conan will reeve nearly $33 million plus another $12 million for his staff to leave nbc. his future in comedy remains unclear. >> conan has had re-energized a lot of the fan base but now he has to find a place to do his show he can put on for his fans. >> reporter: the fans in a sentimental speech. >> you made a sad situation joyous and inspirational. to all the people watching, i can never, ever thank you enough for the kindness to me and i will think about it the rest of my life. >> reporter: a funny man's
8:14 am
farewell to an audience he never expected wanted him to leave so soon. >> it has been about television for the last couple of weeks. given david letterman's sex scandal, leno and conan going at it, jimmy kimmel, wear a hard hat to work monday. >> it has been like watching a slow motion car wreck. i wish him all the best. we will be back after these messages. i thought that was the best dollar i ever spent. but today, i wanted to try something off mcdonald's dollar menu. with so much to choose from, i contemplated all my options. and finally went in for the 100% beefy, melty mcdouble. i thought it was the best dollar i ever spent. and i know a thing or two about the value of a dollar. ♪ ba da ba ba ba little things can turn against you when you travel. and i know a thing or two about the value of a dollar.
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a hint of calla lily. beautiful moments are born in the shower. a diamond-infused sensation. touch of sparkle cream oil body wash from nivea. touch and be touched. you heard a few minutes ago about the dramatic rescues of the dog from the floodwate of los angeles. we are joined this morning by the firefighter who saved the dog, joe st. georges. he is in los angeles. he is injured but is okay. joe, good morning. >> hi. >> tell me how you are doing. you did take a pretty hard spill on the pavement there when you were landing on the rescue. how are you feeling today? >> i'm feeling great. the only problem i had was when the dog byte my thumb. other than that, i'm doing fine.
8:17 am
>> let's talk about that. the rain has been falling in california for five days. you see this dog stranded in the water. he's trying to get out. and finally, a helicopter rescue is in order. and you are the one who goes down there and tries to save this poor guy. tell me what happens. were you expecting him to bite? he certainly was scared. >> yeah. i had a pretty good inclination that -- like you said, you know the animal is scared. he's cold. he's wet, tired. and then here's this big noisy, loud, windy thing above him and then some guy jumps on his back. not too terribly surprised under those circumstances he tries to defend himself. yeah. i kind of expected it. >> he bit you how many times? >> all told, probably four or five. he only got me really good one time. >> so you get him out there. you have to hold on time had the entire helicopter ride. what was that like? >> well, we got into a decent spin, as you saw. my biggest concern was i had a
8:18 am
hold of his collar and i just wanted to keep him safe. two, he couldn't turn and bite me. again, in the air, that's not going to be a whole lot of fun for anyone. so my biggest concern was just making sure that i had the -- i had a good hold on the dog. and keeping him safe. >> okay. here is the landing we were talking about. tell me how that fell. >> it felt fine. this is actually something -- it is not -- it is a very common occurrence for us to get into a spin. and so we do train for that. what will happen is if i'm no able to control the spin on my own, the -- the hoist operator knows to get me down slowly and will he my feet touch first and that will stop the spin. as you see, that's really what happened. again, as i -- knew it was happening. so my -- my concern was that, again, keep control of the dog so that he doesn't try to run and now that he's back on ground, he doesn't try to bite
8:19 am
again. >> joe, we know thankfully you are doing well. how is the dog doing? where is he? what's his story, do you know? >> the last i heard, he was -- they are going to quarantine him to, you know, make sure that he doesn't have anything like rabies, of course. he's with the downey animal protection, animal control, since where they put me down actually was in the city of downey, as i understand it. >> we certainly appreciate those efforts. i know everyone at home was watching. very nervously making sure you guys both got on the ground safely. we are glad to hear that did happen. joe st. georges, thanks for being with us this morning. >> you're welcome. >> we are back right after this.
8:20 am
8:21 am
welcome back. lester, as many of you, was in haiti for five days and saw so much. obviously we saw your amazing
8:22 am
reporting. you also took photos while you were there. personal photos, that show a lot of what you saw. the good and the bad. >> yeah. i took a lot of photos. frankly, a lot of things seared in my memory for a long time. i wanted to show you some of these. these are the heroes, search and rescue team from the netherlands. they would get tips. they heard something. they would go to this rble and we would get these aftershocks and so worried each time they go in. you heard the incredible stories of lives they saved. this is a tent city. i went up in a coast guard helicopter. these are all over port-au-prince, the countryside. folks can't con to live like this because of sanitary conditions. there was a sense of community we found. people start sharing things. they had little to start with. it was remarkable to walk in there. >> life goes on. you have to get up each day and watch them day. >> here is a guy with a hoe.
8:23 am
sugar cane land. a new mom. it was at the comedy club.
8:24 am
8:25 am
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8:26 am
a lovely view of the national cathedral. the collection plates at many churches will go towards haitian relief. good morning, everybody. i'm kimberly suiters, saturday, january 23rd, 2010. the search and rescue mission in haiti is officiallyover. international search teams have rescued 132 people tote many. overnight, haiti's government decided to focus on recovery. the haitian government is partnering with united nations and aids groups to ramp up recovery efforts. it may take up to four months before electricity is stored in port-au-prince. a woman stabbed in the district. this morning, police are looking for her attacker. police say the victim is now in the hospital. the stabbing happened around 1:30 this morning in the 1300 block of bryant street in northeast washington. police say the woman was stabbed twice in the chest but was
8:27 am
conscious and breathing when they arrived. an emergency landing at dull lel international airport. investigators think a bird strike is to blame. united flight 915 was bound for san francisco yesterday afternoon when the pilot reported feeling vibrations coming from one of the engines. he radioed the tower that he was having an emergency. the plane returned safely to the airport with a severely damaged right engine. no one was hurt. chuck has your weekend weather forecast in a moment. stay with us.
8:28 am
8:29 am
good saturday morning. i'm news 4 meteorologist meet, chuck bell. get your weekend going with plenty of sunshine. the rain is going to be back in our skies tomorrow. you only have one day to drive a car around clean. 33 in town. 31 degrees, vienna, virginia. 28, laytonsville. 35, annapolis. forecast for today, nice and sunny today. enjoy it while you can. highs today up near 45 degrees. tomorrow, the clouds are back. could get 1 to 2 inches of rain here. the heaviest of the rain falling from sunday afternoon into the late hours sunday night into early monday morning. rain should be over by late monday afternoon before a little chilly sunshine. back by tuesday. kimberly, back to you. spl. >> >> coming up on news 4, cutting off your heat in the dead of winter. a live report. we seal you coming u
8:30 am
we are back on this saturday morning, january 23rd, 2010. a look at our energetic crowd. i'm amy robach along with lester lt. thank you for joining us. >> nice in purple. >> thank you very much. >> we are going to go into the den of a black bear. rarely do we see bears hibernating. there has been a camera. people were able to see a new cub enter the world. we are going to check on mom and cub and see how the winter is going for them as they sleep it off. >> speaking of sleep and hibernating, we will get a wakeup call into how many of us are getting enough sleep. it turns out 60% of us aren't sleeping enough and the lack of sleep leads to serious medical problems. we are going to tell what you you need to know in order to get
8:31 am
a better night's sleep. >> we will talk about ground-breaking tv series. certainly nbc 40 years ago, "sanford and son." remember that? the son is talking about the show's legacy and what it was like to work with the late redd foxx. >> all that coming up. first let's get another check of the weather with bill karins who is out on the plaza this morning. >> can you guys forgive me? i happened to grab my wrong hat. i was supposed to grab my fancy hat. i do no want to upset everyone in the state of indiana. that would be wrong. we want to talk -- another big game tomorrow. new leans. >> hurricanes to louisiana. tomorrow afternoon. >> where are you from? >> florence, mississippi. >> you guys all related? >> no. >> you look alike. you all look great. we have nice weather in some areas. other locations not so nice. west coast, we are finally getting a little bit of dry weather.
8:32 am
east coast looks today. big storm arrives your way tomorrow. football games tomorrow. it doesn't matter. we will watch that storm sys sy a good saturday morning. i'm news 4 meteorologist, chuck bell. outside of our windows this morning, bright sunshine. to get your weekend under way. temperatures on the chilly side. not too bad by january standards. 30, quantico. 33, bethesda. 33, chevy chase, buoy and brandywine. high temperatures in the low and mid-40s. sun down at 5:19 this >> you are a beautiful bride-to-be. when are you getting married? >> april 10th. >> good luck to you and your family with that. >> bill, thank you. this morning we are following up on a story we first told you about two weeks ago.
8:33 am
in minnesota, wildlife photographer doug highcheck install ad web cam in a pregnant bear's den. the aim was to capture for the first time ever a bear giving birth. that has happened. and doug sheer to tell bus it. doug, good morning. >> good morning. >> i know you have come quite tached to lily as have so many people following this online because the world actually watched her give birth. and it was a pretty tense 24-hour delivery. correct? >> yes, it was really amazing just to see her in this violent labor. to see it the first time. it was really intense. >> and i know, doug, that we have said she has at least one cub. we don't know if there is more but there might be? >> there could be. we just don't have any confirmation of it. we believe at this time it is probably just one. which will mean that cub then will get a lot of nutrition and probably grow up very healthy. >> doug, tell us what the actual birth was like. you say the cry, the little cub came out actually sounded human.
8:34 am
>> yeah. i mean, i was shocked at hue human it sounded. it cried out and right away the mom started tking back to the cub and they were communicating and she tucked it underneath her. and the cub started nursi right away. >> wow. i know you and your team are thrilled that lily had the cub successfully. how are mom and cub doing so far? can you get a real sense of it? >> yeah. right now the cub is underneath her and she's breathing on the cub to keep it warm. she keeps her back arched and protected. it is small. she is most likely doing really well. mine, you can hear the nursing sounds on the microphone. >> i know we mentioned that this is the first time a bear giving birth has been seen all over the world. what's the significance of document thing? what are you hoping to learn? >> well, i mean, really, this whole -- all based on trust with these animals. that allows us to do all sorts of things. this is just one example of that. and it is one way we can just
8:35 am
share this research with the entire world. and people can kind of learn right along with us and learn to coexist with the bears. >> we certainly send our congratulations to lily. i know you will tell her that for us thank you. >> doug, thank you. coming up next, a wakeup call on why you need more sleep. first, these messages. trong hol. i'd drive through a snowstorm to buy a pack of cigarettes. and i have. ♪ the thing that jumped out about chantix for me was i could start to take the pill and i could continue to smoke for up to a week. [ male announcer ] chantix is a non-nicotine pill. in studies, 44% of chantix users were quit during weeks 9 to 12 of treatment, compared to 18% on sugar pill. it's proven to reduce the urge to smoke. i know my 14-year old was very happy that i had quit. after i quit, we found a pack that she had hid on me.
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8:38 am
sleep. the kind that leaves you feeling totally rejuvenated. you know, the kind you are not getting. surveys show americans are sleeping less than the recommended seven to eight hours and it does take a toll. ♪ it has been a hard day's night ♪ ♪ i should be sleeping like a log ♪ >> reporter: most of russ not sleeping like a log. like these mattress shoppers at macy's. >> i fall asleep very, very late. >> i wake up during the night and have trouble falling back to sleep. ♪ mr. sandman
8:39 am
>> reporter: a new survey conducted shows a whopping 60% of its readers sleep less than seven hours a night. 34% have trouble falling asleep at least a few times a month. and 49% wake up regularly in t night and have trouble drifting off again. >> i think it is the anxiety of the day, thoughts going through my head. it makes me tense and you toss and you turn and look at the clock and it is 3:00 a.m. >> sleep is absolutely critical. it does a lot of things to stay healthy. it is involved in our weight and our metabolism and involved in our well-being. >> reporter: pressures at work and slumping economy aren't helping. in march a national sleep foundation poll showed a third of americans are losing sleep because they are worried about money. >> usually we work -- i tend to be on my computer just before i go to bed. if i do that, i'm thinking about work the whole time and i can't sleep. >> just how do you get better night's sleep. joining us are dr. yada of the sleep for life program at somerset medical center in new jersey. and "self" magazine's director
8:40 am
karen gerell. good morning to both of you. why aren't we getting enough sleep sh. >> part of the problem is we don't give ourselves enough time to wind down before bedtime. as we get more connected with technology, we get more attached to our blackberries, computers, working up to the last minimum. not allowing the sleep process to occur in time. >> is it that we are a multitasking nation? are we trying to multitask even as we are climbing into bed? is that partly what's going on? >> we are all very anxious these day. we are anxious about our jobs. we try on get as much work in as possible. and that leads to our body not being able to calm down before bedtime. >> you did this because so many people are dealing with it. as you are doing the research, were you shocked at the negative health effects occur on us when we don't get enough sleep is? >> yeah, there's lots of research showing if you don't get enough sleep you have higher risk of all diseases. if you get enough sleep, you have lower risk of heart disease, cancer, weight gain, and you have better memory and
8:41 am
have you better atszletic performance. there are all sorts of health benefits. >> doctor, if you regularly get less than search hours sleep, i mean, first of all, you are probably exhausted all the time. who are the things that might happen to you? >> generally sleep deprivation has many health consequences and it can cause you to be less reactive to building an immune system or response to colds. it can cause you to gain weight. when you are sleep deprived you decrease the hormone that produces you to feel satisfied after meals. if you are not satisfied after meals you tend to eat more. also, when you are sleep deprived you have a tendency to choose starchy, sweet, salty foods. >> you are saying this yeah, yeah, yeah, been there, done that. it is a step down. seven hours, six hours. we see more bad things happen. >> exactly. six hours your brain power takes a hit. your memory goes down, cognition goes down, reaction time goes down. which is really dangerous if you are on a highway. and we -- we found a study that showed after two weeks of getting six hours of sleep or
8:42 am
less, your brain is functioning like you just pulled two all-nighters in a row. >> been there. done that. what can we do? you know, aside from shutting off the world, i mean, life has to go on. what can we do? >> make sure you are going to bed at the same time every day and waking up at the same time every day. so you can get your body in the rhythm of what to fall asleep. >> you are planning your sleep, thinking that ahead of time. >> try winding down an hour two before you go to bed. >> winding down, reading a book -- >> yeah. calming yourself down. working in dim light. just to get your body to start the process of sleep. >> what other things did you find. >> one of the things you can do is turn off the technology. all of that light from your computer screen, television screen, your brain thinks that's sunlight. it is alerting and wakes you up. you should power down an hour before bed. and another thing to do is watch out for caffeine. i mean, it can stay in your system for eight hours or more. a lot of people don't know that. cut off the coffee after run of
8:43 am
time. >> really good discussion. thanks so much for coming on and talking about this. something to sleep on. if only we could sleep. up next, the son talks about "sanford and son."
8:44 am
8:45 am
almost 40 years since a junk dealer and his son first came into our homes. the five-year run of "sanford and son" earned its place in the top ten shows to air on nbc. i sat down with de'mond wilson and he told me about the legacy and the man he called pops. the year was 1972. >> pop, you are slick. you know that? >> "sanford and son" started in a rusty ford pickup.
8:46 am
joining landscape that was far from diverse. "the brady bunch." "mary tyler moore" and "gun smoke" were hits. >> the story after junk dealer and his grown son. >> there's sxwrujunk and there' junk. >> it struck a chord with viewers. >> i can't stand being poor like this. >> poor? you think this is poor. imagine kids with seven of us in the family. we slept in the same room, same bed, same underwear. >> demond wilson played fred. >> you know, i can't do no lifting. >> you can lift pretty good when it is going in your mouth. he said, i like this kid. nobody go after him but i like him. >> in "second banana" wilson writes of bittersweet memories he and foxx just to get dressing
8:47 am
rooms as stars of the first primarily black cast on television since "amos and andy" in the '50s. >> there were no all black network shows. this is a nice place. this ain't no honky tongue bar. >> at heart of the show, a son that dreams of a better life and a father who always seems to be cutting him off. >> you big dummy. don't worry. i'm cool. just like to be cool like me. i'm cool. >> redd up to the shoot, the taping did those live. on the television set the door, coming down the stairs. just before the taping. >> it became his trademark. >> this is a big one. i'm dying!
8:48 am
you hear that, elizabeth? i'm coming to join you, honey. >> but after a five-year run, foxx decided to pull the plug without consulting his co-star. you write in the book about when he decided to leave the show and your thoughts that surely he will come to me here and we are going to talk this out. did you feel a sense of betrayal? >> yes. i was hurt. i never, never approached him. i never said a word. i felt not so much in the sense of betrayal, i felt like he had moved on. all through the years, i would come in the morning and kiss him on the baldspot. redd knew i loved him. i felt hurt because the last time we were together, i didn't tell him i loved him. >> wilson says behind the laughter, the show was truly a story about the love between a parent -- >> try to be a better father for you, son. >> reporter: -- and child. >> that's what the audience hooked into, the love, between the old man and son. the boy loved his father and his father loved his son.
8:49 am
>> doing the story, watching the four of us reminds me i watched it when it was orinal. you guys probably saw it tvland. it resonate. >> still good stories and the fact he put the words on the tv. >> i knew it was only five years. >> that's what happens when shows live in this -- >> the music lives on always. i always remember the theme song. >> i'm dying. >> elizabeth, i'm coming. this is the big one. >> all right. we will be right back. first, these messages. ale announcer ] the volkswagon routan is not only unique in its german-tuned suspension, but in its maximum attention to detail,
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8:53 am
that does it for us this saturday morning. peter alexander and bill karins, we thank you both. >> it is approaching the 1,000th day since madeleine mccann disappeared. we will find out where they are in the investigation. i will see you back here for nbc news. -- captions by vitac --
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
good morning, everyone. i'm kimberly suiters. the latest twist in the balloon boy case. we will let you hear this mother's confession it was all a the day it would go down. last night, conan o'brien said his good-byes to "the tonight show." we sheol you his final moments on the show. plus, a dramatic story with an incredible twist. a dog rescued from rising waters. i'm meteorologist, chuck bell. we're off to a great start. a complete check of the weekend forecast. it includes a little chance for rain. coming up, kimberly? that weather, those sports and those stories, when news 4
8:57 am
begins in less than two minutes. //
8:58 am
from rescue to recovery, overnight, the mission in haiti took a sombre term. how workers are redirecting their efforts. >> mystery solved. the link between this murder and another killing that had gone
8:59 am
enormously difficult. this is the best job in the world. signs off as tonig"tonight show host. don't worry if you were already asleep. we will show you his farewell. welcome to the 9:00 edition of news 4 dud. i'm kimberly suiters. a quick look at today's forecast. chuck bell is standing by in storm center 4. chuck, can't wait to get outside today. today is the outdoor weather day of the weekend. no doubt about that. the sun is already out and shining and temperatures are on their way up. here is a look from our city camera view. beautiful blue sky over washington.

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